Friday, February 18, 2011

Perfect chocolate cake.

So, i only decided to start this blog after four years of baking, so i have a lot more photos that i'll be uploading soon :) But for now, let's start with the best recipe i own. Experiments after experiments, i got the perfect chocolate cake. And i get a lot of " demands " for this simple cake. Haha. So, i tend to change the decoration of the cake for every birthday.

The photo on top is just a simple cake topped with chocolate topping and chocolate chips.

For this one, i used the chocolate cake as the base and cadbury icing for the lighter brown side, it's a uklele/guitar if you're wondering what it is ;) This one was decorated by my sister, for the extreme decorations, just give them to her. It's her thing. haha

And this one, instead of baking cake for my best friend, i separated them into small cups, because mariam looks more like a cupcake person, so bubbly and tiny. HAHAH sorry about the writing, was out of butter, so i couldn't write the name properly, so i used some stars and gummies, turned out very colourful which is very her, so yeay to me !

This cake was for my fatty #1's birthday. Hahaha, Nurul's a very very VERY chocolaty person, so i used choki choki for the decoration which looked like a black and white brain, hahaha but this was my first attempt in decorating using icing, so give me some time :)

ps, i've got a banana cake in the steamer and vanilla cake in the oven, but because my mum asked for it, she doesn't want any icing on top, so no decorating for me :(

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