Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hydrangea cupcake

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First of all, meet my sister, the person who is responsible for all the heavy decorations and awesome hydrangea cupcakes i'm about to show you.

#1 Attempt

So, i just wanted to try my luck with these hydrangea cupcakes because they look soo pretty and achievable. At first, it was just a hey, let's do this because it looks fun, until the base turned out good, hehe. So we decided to make more of them for my cousin's engagement the next day. Since it was late, we just baked with whatever we had at home.

Just pick whatever colour you want. In my case, i chose pink and white. When you put the icing into the icing bad, divide it into half, one side pink and the other side white. Then, you just have to work with your creativity. But as you can see, the flowers were over sized because we used our mom's samperit acuan since we didn't have the proper thing and it was too late to go get one. My advice, go get the thing, (i have no idea what it's called) so that you can get a better outcome :) So,here's our
Pink and White Hydrangea Cupcakes :)

#2 Attempt

So, these were done properly because my cousin ordered them for her bil's engagement hantaran, and the theme was purple and silver. So, we added a little bit of blue and used silver cups to follow the theme :) For these cupcakes, i only have one word, SUCCESS !
So, proudly presenting our
Purple and Blue Hydrangea Cupcakes :D

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